Webtoons that don’t get much attention

I've been reading Webtoons for about three years now.It's become a part of my lifestyle. When I have school, I read at night when everything is settled. I thought I hated an unfinished book, manga, or comics but eventually, I became patient waiting for weekly updates! In those three years I have discovered Webtoons that … Continue reading Webtoons that don’t get much attention

Living with Pets

I like to think I have a big family; two parents, a sister, five dogs, and two kittens. Two out of our five dogs are house pets and the rest are guard dogs. Life can't be happier without my pets. They have been my source of energy whenever I feel exhausted which is most of … Continue reading Living with Pets

N’abandonne pas

You're starting to get obsessed with yourself. It gets pretty ironic.You dislike yourself yet that's all you think about.But you start realizing, not everything is about you.But you don't know how to start. One day, you're surprised as everything has changed except you.Here you are, still obsessing over yourself.Over your motivation,Over your purpose,questioning yourselfquestioning your … Continue reading N’abandonne pas