Living with Pets

I like to think of having a big family. Two parents, a sister, five dogs, and two kittens. Two out of our five dogs are house pets and the rest are guard dogs. Life can’t be happier without my pets. They have been my source of energy whenever I feel exhausted which is most of … More Living with Pets

My life in France

We left the Philippines in 2011. I was 13 at that time. When I was in 6th grade (that’s the last year for elementary in the Philippines), My father told us he got a proposal from his company. Upon knowing, I got excited even if I knew I had to leave my friends and my … More My life in France

N’abandonne pas

You’re starting to get obsessed with yourself. It gets pretty ironic.You dislike yourself yet that’s all you think about.But you start realizing, not everything is about you.But you don’t know how to start. One day, you’re surprised as everything has changed except you.Here you are, still obsessing over yourself.Over your motivation,Over your purpose,questioning yourselfquestioning your … More N’abandonne pas


I was ready to turn my back and get out of the place but something held me back. I was preoccupied the whole time i was talking to someone. I barely noticed the scenery in front of me. I had the idea that I was in another country. I was in a hotel room where … More Sunrise